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Bespoke Itineraries

Sandcastle is all about spending time with friends and family in a magical space. As such, we've created itineraries of our favourite ways to spend time at Sandcastle. The itineraries are only an indication of what to expect as you are encouraged to do as much, or as little, as you want. Reconnect and relax with friends along the beach front, immerse yourself in the ancient coastal forest or simply unwind with a book by the infinity pool over looking the Indian Ocean. 


The Long Weekender

The 3-night escape is a taste of Sandcastle—an opportunity to dip your toe in and get some essential rest & revitalisation. For those with only a few nights to break away and unwind, The Long Weekender is perfect.There is a good mix of adventure, with guided walks through the reserve, fishing and kayaking as well as relaxation with the opportunity for massages, leisurely mornings and gentle evenings by the fire. A three night stay at Sandcastle is just enough to forget the stresses of everyday life.

Relax & Reconnect

To truly experience the Sandcastle energy and slowness of life, we recommend a minimum of 5 nights stay. Five nights at Sandcastle allows guests to truly relax and and reconnect with oneself and the loved ones you're sharing the villa with. It allows guests to fully embrace the idea of slow travel. The remoteness of the house and its surrounds creates an ethereally unique energy, and a feeling of secluded tranquility. A 5 night stay allows for a slower pace, with more moments of exploration.


Immersive Culinary Experience

Sandcastle's immersive culinary experience takes eating from the land to a whole new meaning. With the actitives and menu inspired by what surrounds the villa and what is found on the property, it is a celebration of the Eastern Cape coastline as well as the ancient coastal forest which borders it. Sandcastle's food experience is the perfect destination for the foodie that loves a sense of adventure and have an appreciation for nature.

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